The empowering side of crowdsourcing: Duolingo


I’m a huge fan of duolingo … a free, online language-learning tool.  It approaches language training in a similar way to Rosetta Stone.  You move through small lessons on key words, and it uses a variety of learning styles.  The language training involves identifying pictures, listening and translating, speaking and assessing verbal fluency, as well as traditional text-based writing tests.  Each lesson builds on the previous, and you can not progress without a certain level of mastery.  Plus (according to its main page), it’s scientifically proven to work better than taking university-level language courses.

The process is game-ified, and you win competitions and medals, so it feels like other social media games you might play.  You earn points for progressing, and your progress is listed on a leader board with your friends.  Because language skill can slip away over time, some of the earlier points may go away…

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Why Companies Should Utilize Vine

The Broke Savvy Blonde

Trending social media platform

If you haven’t made an account on Vine yet, I highly recommend that you do. This new video sharing app offers hours of entertainment 6 seconds at a time. Not to mention, some users have even become “Vine famous”. If you’re witty and charming, you may have what it takes. With a new social media platform on the rise, should businesses also be making accounts?


6 seconds is all it takes to get a message across to a society with a decreasing attention span. It’s also free to post! Production put into making the short video may have some costs, but at most it’s very low-budget. Take a look at Trident’s vine post marketing Trident Layers:

Since this app is relatively new, it has not yet been overwhelmed by larger companies, like Facebook and Twitter already have. Getting a head start will make you…

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Get Ready for TV Ads on Facebook: Details on the Big Debut

three scoops

Facebook_Prepares_Video_AdsYup, what’s old is new again. Facebook, the current face of social media, has finally found a way to capture ad dollars… and lots of ’em. Zuckerberg and co. will soon be unveiling TV-style ads on your newsfeed. They’ll be limited to 15 seconds each, appear once in every 20 newfeed updates (only 5% of your feed experience, Zuckerberg has stressed), and ultimately leverages the fact that there are 88-100 million people logged on during primetime TV hours (think 7:30-10:30 PM) in the U.S. alone. What’s even sweeter music to Facebook’s ears is that the site draws in more 18-24 year olds during these golden hours than any of the four major T.V. networks. Ka-ching.

While the details are still mostly under wraps, there is no doubt whispers of this incoming revolution in online advertising played a part in helping Facebook stocks jump back to its IPO levels: a cool…

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Rules for Living through Screens for the Internet & Social Media Obsessed

So Fetch Daily

This summer I’m taking two online summer school classes and participating in an online internship. When I need a break, I’m on Twitter, WordPress, or any number of other social media sites. So while my connection to people has not dwindled this summer with being out of school, it all happens while I’m sitting in my twin bed at home. I am living virtually through screens.

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After the Jobs Act: Secure more investors via social media

51% of agencies say Google+ has no impact on search campaigns: report



Published date July 24, 2013

Every now and then a report is published that suggests people are slowly coming round to the idea of using Google+, however the reality is that it is still a long, long way behind Facebook in terms of active users and average time spent on the site.

Also, I recently looked at how major retailers use Google+ and it’s clear that they don’t have a very high opinion of the network.

But there’s still a nagging sense that businesses can’t afford to totally ignore G+, as there’s a chance that in the long term it will have an increasing influence on search rankings.

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Increase Twitter Followers and They Will Help Your Sales

Social Media Marketing Strategy

twitter marketing- 800x400

There are many different ways to increase twitter followers, but are they going to help your sales? There are some things to consider when you are looking for people that will follow you on Twitter and help your sales. Here are several ideas in detail that will help you to get more followers that will, in turn help your sales. The first idea is to be of help both to your followers and to Twitter. You can do this by answering questions, replying to posts and using Twitter to share your knowledge.

When you want to increase twitter followers for your list, here is another idea for you to consider. You need to share. What can you share, you may ask? You can share your product or service you can also share article posts, household hints or anything else that can be of use to another person. You can share…

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YouTube Subscribe Button

SocialNetGate - Social Media Management

YouTube Video Embed code has been available to add any videos to any webpage, blog, etc. But YouTube Subscribe button similar to Facebook Like or Twitter Follow was not available. 

YouTube has now launched Embeddable "Subscribe" button publicly now. This will definitely improve the subscriptions rate as more businesses will now provide their Subscribe buttons as much as possible.

You can include the YouTube subscribe button wherever you wish officially. but need to meet the "Conditions of use"
Apart from the Standard YouTube API Terms of Service and all other relevant API documentation, following Terms and Conditions apply:
  • The YouTube Subscribe Button does not allow you to use the YouTube brand in any way not expressly authorized by the API Terms of Service and API documentation.
  • You may not offer or promote prizes or rewards of any kind in exchange for clicking on a YouTube Subscribe button.
  • Buttons…

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A Digital Future Accompanied By The Lost Of Privacy?

Infinitely Evolving Media - The IMC Perspective

While we’re using our smart phones and mobile devices to embrace new technology and applications that are both fun and functional, privacy concerns are also increasing. “The 2013 U.S. Consumer Confidence Index reveals that 81 percent of smart phone users avoid applications they believe do not protect their privacy,” said Chantal Tode, associate editor for (Tode, 2013). This clearly indicates that as mobile activities continue to blossom, so to will the need for marketers to prove to consumers that their mobile data privacy-infographicpersonal information is safe. Take a look at the following infographic (to the right). While its slightly outdated by a year or two, it clearly displays key consumer privacy concerns.

How do you think information whether personal or promotional should be shared, if at all? Well, let me just put it this way: I want it all to be at my discretion; the consumer. I want the ability to…

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Using LinkedIn Effectively

Reaching Neighbors


LinkedIn has become one of the most used social sites amongst professionals world-wide. Everyone is looking to connect and network. Keeping an up to date profile not only helps to position yourself better within the professional world, but it can also be used to advance the networking and presence of the company you currently work for.

Make it Pretty

Before you try any sort of networking, the most important thing is that all of the information on your profile is up to date. This includes your employment history, skills, education, and connections. The best way to approach this is the same way you would approach updating your resume.  You want to keep it as current as possible. This allows for you to paint a picture of not only what you have done, but what you’re doing currently. There is nothing worse than trying to gain information regarding a potential connection…

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