Zimmerman book dies after Twitter campaign


By Heather Kelly, CNN

(CNN) — A woman known as Juror B37 thought writing an anonymous book about her experiences on the George Zimmerman trial was a good idea.

Many people, including a powerful and tireless group of outraged Twitter users, thought otherwise.

News reports surfaced Monday morning that the woman, who gave an exclusive interview that night with CNN’s Anderson Cooper about her experiences on the six-woman Zimmerman jury, had signed with a literary agent and was working on a book proposal about the trial. The agent was identified as Sharlene Martin, who has worked on such other post-trial tomes as O.J. Simpson’s “If I Did It” and Mary Jo Buttafuoco’s “Getting It Through My Thick Skull.”

Then came the Twitter backlash, led by 29-year-old New Yorker Genie Lauren, who goes by @MoreAndAgain on Twitter. Lauren saw the juror’s interview on CNN and decided to take action.

“I was…

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Smartphones, Tablets Essential Tools For Modern Business

50 Social Media Content Ideas for Nonprofits

Cheryl Black

Tell me, does this sound familiar:

You’re staring at your organization’s Facebook page and the writer’s block is more like a writer’s mountain. You have absolutely no idea what you are going to post to Facebook, let alone the (seemingly) 500 tweets you need to come up with.

Writing two sentences (or even just one!) has never felt more daunting.

Good news: bookmark this cheat sheet and you’ll never draw a blank again. Here’s 50 ideas that will keep your nonprofit social media presence alive and healthy all year long.

Mission Moments
Photo of your mission in action
Quote from service recipient
At-home activities (ex. Remember to turn off lights when you leave a room.)
Success story (ex. Tim made an A on his math test!)
Your video PSA

Receiving Service
Online member registration
How to get service (ex. Stop by our south clinic for a flu shot.)
Change in office hours


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Facebook Privacy Update – View Your Profile as Someone Else

Social Media Mashup

ImageFacebook take your privacy very seriously! At least this is the message they wish to get across with a series of ‘tips’ boxes appearing today upon logging into Facebook.

Privacy Change

The biggest change is allowing users to view their profile from the perspective of any of your Facebook friends.


This does go some way to clarifying the effect of the various privacy filter options. Tweak your settings and check how your profile looks to certain friends.

Something Missing



What it lacks is the ability to view your profile as a user you don’t know, a friend of a friend Imagefor example. I’d also be interested as a user in how much of my information a brand page that I follow can see. These options would be useful.

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How To Start Building A Successful Personal Brand

Colby Sexton's Blog

So I figured a good first post could be about exactly what it is I am doing here in the first place, developing a personal brand.  Like many others out there today, I am hunting for a job.  I moved to a new city, and in doing so I gave up my solid full-time job.  The decision to move was based on a need to be fulfilled in other ways rather than having a successful career, but now that I am in the place that satisfies my other needs in life, I need money.  As I applied to countless job openings with few return phone calls, I started researching ways to make myself seem more appetizing to potential employers.


First off, what does it mean to have a “Personal Brand” anyway?  Well, in today’s digital age, everyone younger than your parents has some sort of personal information out there on the interweb.  Whether you are…

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External Communication: Social Media in B2C

all about corporate social media and more

As I mentioned here, external communication helps companies to connect with stakeholders outside of the organization. Companies transmit messages in order to influence external stakeholder’s opinions about a brand and its products or services. What is important, they use a different communication strategy for B2C (communication with retail customers) compared to B2B customers (communication with other businesses).

Main characteristics of B2C marketing are:
(source: Debra Murphy “Marketing for B2B vs. B2C – Similar but Different”)

  • Product driven
  • Maximize the value of the transaction
  • Large target market
  • Single step buying process, shorter sales cycle
  • Brand identity created through repetition and imagery
  • Merchandising and point of purchase activities
  • Emotional buying decision based on status, desire, or price

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Social media usage and productivity are inversely proportional

The Real Impact of Social Media – What Every Company Can Learn From Financial Institutions

10 Reasons Why I Defriended You on Facebook



I’ve finally done it! I have finally gone through my Facebook friends and deleted the people I don’t know, have forgotten, am annoyed with, and, frankly, sick of. A couple months ago, I realized I had over 2,000 Facebook friends. Now, I don’t think I have enough close friends to even fill up a house for a dinner party; I definitely don’t know over 2,000 people.

I know how it happened. Throughout college between all of the conventions, organizations, parties, friends of friends of friends, the random cute guy I wanted to stalk, it all started to add up! But over the past couple months, I didn’t even want to use Facebook anymore because I would scroll through my news feed and wouldn’t even be sure who I was looking at anymore and not really caring about one of my “friend’s” new cat and it’s 100s of pictures (seriously, who…

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5 things you need to know about Facebook privacy

Safe and Savvy Blog by F-Secure

If you’re like 99% of Facebook users, you’ve adjusted your privacy settings and are pretty aware of what you’re sharing and what you’re not. But even if you’re a Facebook privacy expert, there may be a few quirks that you may not be aware of.

That’s why we’ve created Safe Profile, the app that analyzes your settings and gives you recommendations on how to improve them. It’s free and you can get the beta version now.

Being aware of what you’re sharing is especially important for job seekers. A new study by OnDevice finds that 1 out 10 young people aged 16-24 in the U.S. have been rejected for a job due to something they’ve shared on social media.

1.Facebook keeps ALL your data and never deletes it unless you tell them to!
When you deactivate your account, all your data is still there — unless you actually…

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