Why Companies Should Utilize Vine

The Broke Savvy Blonde

Trending social media platform

If you haven’t made an account on Vine yet, I highly recommend that you do. This new video sharing app offers hours of entertainment 6 seconds at a time. Not to mention, some users have even become “Vine famous”. If you’re witty and charming, you may have what it takes. With a new social media platform on the rise, should businesses also be making accounts?


6 seconds is all it takes to get a message across to a society with a decreasing attention span. It’s also free to post! Production put into making the short video may have some costs, but at most it’s very low-budget. Take a look at Trident’s vine post marketing Trident Layers:


Since this app is relatively new, it has not yet been overwhelmed by larger companies, like Facebook and Twitter already have. Getting a head start will make you…

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