Get Ready for TV Ads on Facebook: Details on the Big Debut

three scoops

Facebook_Prepares_Video_AdsYup, what’s old is new again. Facebook, the current face of social media, has finally found a way to capture ad dollars… and lots of ’em. Zuckerberg and co. will soon be unveiling TV-style ads on your newsfeed. They’ll be limited to 15 seconds each, appear once in every 20 newfeed updates (only 5% of your feed experience, Zuckerberg has stressed), and ultimately leverages the fact that there are 88-100 million people logged on during primetime TV hours (think 7:30-10:30 PM) in the U.S. alone. What’s even sweeter music to Facebook’s ears is that the site draws in more 18-24 year olds during these golden hours than any of the four major T.V. networks. Ka-ching.

While the details are still mostly under wraps, there is no doubt whispers of this incoming revolution in online advertising played a part in helping Facebook stocks jump back to its IPO levels: a cool…

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