How To Start Building A Successful Personal Brand

Colby Sexton's Blog

So I figured a good first post could be about exactly what it is I am doing here in the first place, developing a personal brand.  Like many others out there today, I am hunting for a job.  I moved to a new city, and in doing so I gave up my solid full-time job.  The decision to move was based on a need to be fulfilled in other ways rather than having a successful career, but now that I am in the place that satisfies my other needs in life, I need money.  As I applied to countless job openings with few return phone calls, I started researching ways to make myself seem more appetizing to potential employers.


First off, what does it mean to have a “Personal Brand” anyway?  Well, in today’s digital age, everyone younger than your parents has some sort of personal information out there on the interweb.  Whether you are…

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