Want More Business? Create More Content

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This post originally appeared on the Edwin Dearborn website on April 24th, 2013.

Developing your own content – i.e., intellectual property – is a powerful tool for any small or medium-sized business owner these days. In fact, in a crowded marketplace where you’re working overtime to establish your brand, it’s an essential strategy to showcase what you can offer, connect with interested parties (who are consuming your material), and establish an expert reputation (because the people who get cited and lead any industry’s discourse are the ones who have a clearly-stated, written philosophy).

It also makes the sales process immeasurably easier, because by the time people contact you, they’ve already passed through the first hurdle of self-selection: they appreciated your material enough to reach out. You have a “warm lead” that will be far less price-sensitive, because they’re already determined that you’re different and better than other possibilities they’ve considered.

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