A question of quality control

I often have people ask me if I use outsources to do my social media updates. And much in the same way that I refuse to buy a Coach handbag that is made in China and sold as designer, I will not sell the work of some 20 year old intern or some guy that I have never met India, as my quality work.

I get it, we live in a digital world where outsourcing has becoming trendy, it enables so called social media Gurus to sell their work for less than the competitors and make claims that they will deliver the results. Unfortunately when the quality goes out the window, so does the success of the social media campaign. I have spoken with several social media consultants who have built a business and then destroyed it by outsourcing.

The main problem is that there is more to running a successful Facebook campaign than just updating a page, a twenty year old and a guy in India do not have the skill set to run a successful campaign unless they have been trained to do so, and at $2 per hour or absolutely free in the case of the intern it is unlikely the campaign will warrant success.

As a business owner I do see the financial benefit in being able to lower prices and run massive amounts of campaigns over a short period of time, however every day I drive past a Rolls Royce and a Masserati in my parking lot. Its a subtle reminder that those people can drive any car they want but choose to purchase quality. At Go Full Throttle I provide quality services for businesses who truly understand success.


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