Content is King

If content is King, what are you doing with your content?  In recent weeks I have been cleaning up my Facebook, too many company’s that I follow are making the same mistakes. They are posting the same content over and over or too much of a similar type of content. This is known as spamming. For example I follow And My Cat on Facebook. Mostly because cat content can go viral quite quickly and I do use some of the content for my pages, however they started spamming my page with cats. And as much as I love cats it was too much. When I went to the page I noticed that somebody had posted that the page was becoming “spammy” as of late. In this case they were lucky someone mentioned it. In most cases people will politely unfollow your page or hide you from the news feed entirely.

Social media is no longer about marketing its about developing relationships with your customer through an online portal. Unfortunately I am still seeing a lot of businesses attempting to sell on Facebook. In doing so they are damaging their relationships with customers. Finding quality content is a time consuming task, in the upcoming weeks we will talk about the tools and places you can use to find quality content that is relevant to your customers.


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