What are you doing on Facebook?

After spending a bit of time looking at what companies are hiring for their social media I have found it very interesting to see that many companies are hiring interns or 20 year olds to cover off their social media marketing strategy. Does the ability to log in to Facebook enable someone to be effective at social media?

Marketing on Facebook involves an intuitive mind set of what is engaging to consumers. I have a 13 yr old friend on Facebook who does an amazing job of her engagement. The other day she posted a picture of a chocolate covered pastry with the title “Jealous?”. After I finished laughing I was truly amazed at how intuitive it was to post that.  This is the piece that most business owner struggle with and this girl at 13 is already speaking the language of social media.

Does that mean that every young person is capable of this level of engagement? No. I spend a lot of time in coaching social media and I find that the struggles are the same regardless of the age group. It is important when delegating or hiring for your social media that you spend some time understanding this. Here are some things to keep in mind when filling this position.

Do they understand engagement for your demographic?

Do they understand how to use Facebook as a sales tool?

Are they using proper grammar? Are they posting smiley faces?

Are they capable of creating incentives for engagement?

Do they understand how to work with other businesses on Facebook?

Do they understand the importance of integration of tabs into your sales strategy?

Would you trust them to do all of your marketing? Why or Why not? It is all highly visible and important.

A page is not just a place to post pretty pictures. In a world where content is king can you afford to make mistakes on your Facebook page.  Google is picking up more and more content from Facebook so its important that the information that you feel is important is making it to your page.


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