New Facebook Changes and How they effect you

By now you are likely familiar with the new look of Facebook Timeline on your personal Facebook page. Well the exciting news is that by the end of this month your Fan Page will also have the new look. This is exciting news! I love the look of the timeline and I am happy to see it coming to pages. The goal is to make pages more engaging and social.

Now for that bad news, companies are currently scrambling to create apps that fall within the new timeline parameters. There is some difficulties with creating a landing page within timeline. All viewers will automatically land on your wall, which means you need to get more mileage out of your cover photo. On this photo you are not able to ask people to like your page. So implementing a social media strategy will be important to acquire new likes for your page.

Not all is lost there is a lot of companies getting app’s ready for businesses that will have a place in the new look. The tabs from the left hand side will be very difficult to find so the use of the new app’s is going to be vital for the visibility on the new timeline.

I will keep you updated at we know more about these changes, in the meantime you can check out this link for some of the great new looks that companies are launching for their own timeline pages.


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