Selecting A Social Media Expert

Selecting a Social Media expert can be as complicated as Social Media itself. When it comes to selecting what is right for your business here are some things to look for in order to start your social media campaign.

1) Do they have a facebook page? If so, does it have a landing page? Is it engaging? Does it have personal content on it? Is it updated regularly? Are they familiar with using tabs on the left hand side? Does it link to their twitter?

2) Do they have a twitter account? Do they make personal posts on their professional twitter? Who is following them? Are the contacts following them the soccer moms from Sally’s team or are they relevant business contacts? Are they correctly tagging each post? Are they posting regularly?

3) What is their background in Social Media? Have they simply taken a one day course. or perhaps none at all they merely have a facebook and twitter accout?

4) Do they understand social media beyond Facebook and Twitter? Stumbleupon, linked in, Foursquare and the list goes on, what can each of them do for you and your business?

5) Do they know how to link everything together and customize options?

6) What are they blogging about?

This is a great place to start when selecting your new web ninja. The world of Social Media can be intricate and complicated, starting off with a strong team and an effective strategy for your business will ensure the success of your business.


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